I seriously love photographing families.

Especially the huge families with an abundance of siblings or multiple generations. The gentle Hawaii breeze always seems to make everyone smile with extra teeth, so the result is always a gorgeous photo with several glowing people on the other side of my lens. 

I grew up in a small family; I was an only child, my cousins were older than me, and we really only gathered with extended family for holidays or special events. I honestly think the only professional photo I have of any family is from my wedding! 

I do regret not having more photos with my family. The last picture I took with my grandfather is from my senior year prom – he was alive for another four years, and I hate that I don’t have any pictures to look back on.

I am TERRIBLE at remembering to take photos. Which honestly is pretty ironic considering I am a photographer. It’s just so different when you’re the one stepping into the photo, and no longer the one taking it. Just like everyone else, I hate…no, almost despise, having photos taken of me. Although, I’m sure that will change when kids come around (honey, if you’re reading this, please snap away even when I protest). 

side note:

I aspire to be one of those mothers who records and photographs EVERYTHING. Scrapbooks for each year of baby’s life, an email for them to log into when they’re 18 to read and look at memories. Oh yeah. The whole nine yards. Sorry future mini me. 

But enough of my rambling.

It makes my heart so full when families book a session. Because I KNOW that they will now have those forever memories, and I believe that is so important. I know, I know, you hate how you look in photos, you’re too busy with work and school, it costs time and money, and the kids will just NOT sit still. The crazy antics are what create the most pure and perfect pictures (and I promise, I love when I can capture kids in their element)! So, whether you book a session with a photographer or set your iPhone 12 up on a tripod, take the photo…because moments don’t last forever, but memories do. 

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Have an idea?

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